Digital Audio

Product Summary

Your audio ads running across the NZME Digital Audio Network, including our radio streaming, owned and operated podcasts as well as other global networks we represent in NZ through our partnership with iHeartRadio.

Targeting Options

Digital Audio ads can be targeted to specific audiences, geographies or stations making them even more relevant to your target customer base. This could include both NZME and iHeartRadio data.

Buy Types

Digital Audio is sold on a CPM basis. We do offer Sponsorship opportunities, so reach out to your NZME Account Manager for more information.

We require files to be 320kbps stereo with a 44.1kHz sampling rate.
Standard audio durations are: 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds.
We can accept VAST tags to serve audio.
3rd party tracking is available on a limited basis. Please check with your NZME Digital Specialist for what can be provided.
Creative may be rejected if it’s considered offensive, misleading, overwhelming, or distracting.
All Digital Audio ads must adhere to the BSA rules and regulations.

Build Time

Creative instruction must be supplied a MINIMUM of 3 working days prior to start date.

Companion MREC

Companion MREC should be built to NZME's standard banner specifications, found here.

Creative Example