The Big Reveal

Product Summary

The Big Reveal is a full-height ad placement which reveals itself when a user is scrolling on mobile. As a rich media ad unit, its great for video and interactive creatives.

Targeting Options

The big Reveal can be targeted to specific audiences, geographies or verticals making them even more relevant to your target customer base.

Buy Types

The Big Reveal is sold on a CPM basis.

Creative Example

Ad Specs

This placement is built exclusively by NZME and must be built by our in-house designers. A design brief will need to be suppled, so discuss this with your NZME Account Manager. Basic design elements as follows:


Each element should be supplied as a transparent .png file to allow it to be adaptable to different screen sizes.
- If a single image is being supplied, this should be a 480 x 960 .jpg file.
- All content must be 20px in from the side and 150px away from top and bottom.



- A layered PSD file should be provided. This should include:
- A background 768 x 1600 .jpg 
- Additional elements supplied as transparent .png files
- Wireframe or guide showing the animation flow.


A layered PSD file or background image (768 x 1600)
- Transparent png files for any logos, messaging or CTA's that will sit around the video.
- The video asset should be and .mp4 file and:
      - 16:9 aspect ratio (standard) or 9:16 (vertical)
      - Maximum file size - 3 MB
      - 30s Max duration