Viva Homepage Takeover

  • Platforms: Desktop
  • Available on: Viva
  • Description: Wallpaper ad
  • Formats: image, third-party tags (limited support)
  • Lead time: 5 working days
  • 3rd Party Tracking Compatible: Limited

A takeover is comprised of a wallpaper (1900Wx920H), MREC (300x250), and an optional billboard (970x250).

Wallpaper Asset Specifications

  • Wallpaper dimensions: 1900x920 pixels
  • Wallpaper max file size: 200kb
  • Wallpaper format: .jpg

Please supply as one image with blank space left in the centre 1000 pixels  to accommodate the site content.

The imagery should be contained within 450 pixels on the left and right sides of the wallpaper.

It is recommended the main messaging is within 125 pixels either side of the content to cater to low screen resolutions. Please note this is also the portion of the wallpaper which is clickable.

A rectangle asset is required as a companion to the wallpaper.

Rectangle dimensions: 300x250 pixels
Rectangle size: 80kb
Rectangle format: .jpg, .png, .gif (static), html5, third-party tags

A billboard can be supplied as an additional ad unit. If the billboard is not supplied, the billboard ad space will be closed to other advertisers.

Billboard dimensions: 970x250 pixels
Big banner size: 100kb
Big banner format: .jpg, .png, .gif (static), html5, third-party tags

*The NZME brand reserves the right to ask for modifications to images or colours if the NZME brand identity is obscured.

Please refer to the NZME advertising terms & conditions