Viva Homepage Skins

Product Summary

Like The Grandstand, you can no have your advertising take over the Viva homepage reaching the unique Viva audience.

Buy Types

The Viva Homepage skin is sold on a CPD basis.

Ad Specs

You should also supply a standard 300 x 600 banner to be shown alongside the Skin.

The Wallpaper asset should be supplied as follows:

- A single image with blank space left in the centre 1190 pixels wide  to accommodate the site content.
- The imagery should be contained within 450 pixels on the left and right sides of the wallpaper.
- It is recommended the main messaging is within 117 pixels either side of the content to cater to low screen resolutions. Please note this is also the portion of the wallpaper which is clickable.

Third Party impression and click tracking is supported on both assets.