The Headliner

Product Summary

The Headliner is a high-impact desktop placement designed to expand and collapse based on the user's interaction with the creative.

Targeting Options

You can utilise NZME's audience, contextual or geographical targeting capabilities to further tailor where and who your message is delivered to.

Buy Types

The Headliner can run across all Desktop pages on NZHerald and can be bought on both a CPD and a CPM basis.


Ad Specs:

Please note: Both creative assets MUST be supplied.

3 - 5 Working days required for testing and loading
Supports 3rd party impressions and click tracking but applies to the whole creative not the individual parts.


  • Expanded on load.  ​
  • Expanded panel can be either 16:9 video or 970x545 image​
  • If user closes ad, they will continue to be served closed version unless they re-open or expand the ad again​
  • Any sound is muted by default and must be user initiated