Radio Sites Takeover


Platforms: Desktop

Available on: NZME Radio websites (ZM, Newstalk ZB, Flava, The Hits, Coast, Gold, Hauraki)

Description: wallpaper ad 

Formats: image, third-party tags (limited support)

Lead time: 5 working days

3rd Party Tracking Compatible: Limited

A takeover is comprised of a wallpaper (1905x1000), big banner(728x90), and an MREC(300x250)

Takeover Terms

  • All creative is subject to brand content and design guidelines and may be modified by NZME if necessary. NZME will advise if changes are required and may make changes on the client’s behalf.
  • For takeover images we strongly recommend your main message is visible within 125 pixels either side for the most common screen resolution of 1280x800.
  • The NZME brand reserves the right to ask for modifications to images or colours if the NZME brand identity is obscured.
  • Please see the banner specifications for big banner/rectangle creative included with the takeover.

Takeover example: note big banner at the very top of the page, and rectangle to the right, also note messaging only on each side of the content.

Wallpaper Asset

Wallpaper dimensions: approx 1905x1000 pixels

(max height of 1600px and max width of 2560px)
Wallpaper size: 200kb
Wallpaper format: .jpg

Site content width: 1024 px

Below is a guide to the visibility of side panels at varying resolutions. It is recommended the main messaging is within 125 pixels either side of the content to cater to low screen resolutions.

Big Banner Asset

Big banner dimensions: 728x90  pixels
Big banner size: 100kb
Big banner format: .jpg,.png,.gif(static), html5, third-party tags

Rectangle Asset

Rectangle dimensions: 300x250 pixels
Rectangle size: 80kb
Rectangle format: .jpg,.png,.gif(static), html5, third-party tags

Please check notes and best practices

Please refer to the NZME advertising terms & conditions

Template for Music sites eg ZM, The Hits

Template for News sites eg NewstalkZB