Video Pre-Roll

Product Summary

Video Pre-roll is advertising shown prior to NZME's digital video content, similar to traditional TV advertising.

Video Pre-roll is skippable after 15 seconds.

On desktop, video pre-roll starts automatically unless the user has disabled this function. Sound is user-initiated and is muted by default.
On mobile web and app, both video and audio start is user-initiated.

Targeting Options

You can utilise NZME's audience, contextual or geographical targeting capabilities to further tailor where and who your message is delivered to.

Available buy-types

Pre-roll video can be bought on a CPM basis and is also available programmatically.

Ad Specs

Maximum duration is 60 seconds.
Video Pre-roll must be supplied as .mp4 files.
NZME also supports VAST redirect tags but these MUST be skippable after 15 seconds.
3rd Party impression, click, start and quartile tracking is also supported.

Build Time

We require a MINIMUM of 3 working days prior to go live for creative supply.

Best Practice/Notes