The Showstopper

Product Summary

The Showstopper is an interstitial ad that's served when a user navigates between pages. This is frequency capped to a maximum of 1 impression per hour.

Targeting Options

The Showstopper can be targeted to NZME's audience data or geo-targeted to your requirements when bought on a CPM basis.

Buy Types

The Showstopper can be bought on a CPM basis, details are below.

Ad specs:

Separate assets can be provided for mobile web vs desktop however, we recommend that a larger asset is provided for desktop to maximize impact.
We don't currently support 3rd party ad serving for this placement, but 3rd party impression and click tracking is supported.

We require assets to be supplied 3 - 5 working days prior to go-live for loading and testing


  • It is the first interstitial seen on desktop & 2nd on mobile (appearing after the mobile showcase which is an 'on-load interstitialserved before a user enters the site)
  • The Showstopper CPM buy is served any subsequent time a user navigates between pages however only after at least 1 hour has passed since viewing the last 


Note: Standard banner sizes can be run on Desktop if no other sizes are available, please discuss this with your NZME Account Manager.