OneRoof Native Ad

This ad unit runs within the listings when searching for properties on and the Oneroof App.

Technical Specifications

NZME requires two images (one for the site and one for the app), title, text, CTA text and a click URL to put this ad unit together.

Image specifications

  • Formats accepted (Static images only): .gif, jpg, png

  • Dimensions

    • Site image: 536x280 (1.91:1 aspect ratio)

    • App image: 300x300 (1:1 aspect ratio)

  • Max File Size: 100KB

The requested image can not be an ‘ad’ with text or logos. This should be an image only. All ‘ad text’ should fit in the title and copy text.

Text specifications

  • Title: maximum 45 characters (including spaces)

  • Text: maximum 110 characters (including spaces)

Title should not use block lettering e.g. LIMITED TIME ONLY. The best performing ads include a strong deal or offer. 


  • Creative is due 3 working days before campaign start.

  • An active click-through URL must be provided.

  • Third party tracking links only

  • Please send creative files and click URL to

Notes & Best Practices

  • Oneroof Native ads are tailored to the platform that they are being displayed on. Some of the supplied elements such as the ad title or text may be cropped on some platforms.

  • Creative may be rejected if it’s considered offensive, misleading, overwhelming, or distracting.

  • Advertising content must have clearly defined borders and must not be easily confused for normal webpage content.



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