NZH Native Ad Carousel

Product Summary

A native placement running across NZHerald which can showcase your products is a sliding carousel format.

Targeting Options

NZH Native Carousel ads can be targeted to specific audiences, geographies or verticals making them even more relevant to your target customer base.

Buy Types

NZH Native Carousel ads are sold on a Cost-per-Click (CPC) basis meaning you're only paying for traffic delivered to your site.



Ad Specs

Please note the following character limits for each aspect of the native placement. This is the MAXIMUM number of characters (including spaces) which will be displayed before truncation:

Title: 30 characters
Body: 75 characters

A minimum of 3 slides must be provided to run this placement. The maximum number of slides allowed is 12.

A label can be applied to each slide and can be chosen from: Deal, Offer, Promotion or Sale.
Your CTA can be one of : View more at, Shop now at or Find out more at and can either be accompanied by your logo or your web address.

Clicks are recorded at a placement level but you can supply individual click tracking to each slide to track the individual performance on your side.
Impression tracking is also recorded at a placement level. 

Build Time

Creative and working instruction must be supplied a MINIMUM of 3 working days prior to start date.

Best Practice/Notes

- No capitalising of words eg: "All make-up HALF-PRICE buy NOW" must be "All make-up half-price buy now" with the exception of acronyms (ie: NZ)
- Avoid text or copy in the image where possible as this is known to negatively impact user engagement 
Creative may be rejected if it’s considered offensive, misleading, overwhelming, or distracting.
- Please note: NZH Native Carousel ads are tailored to the web property that they are being displayed on. Some of the supplied elements such as the ad copy may be cropped or not displayed on some properties.