EDM Display Banners

Product Summary

Get your ads in front of readers of our wide EDM recipient network. Readers are engaged with the content and having your ad in front of them mean higher exposure for your brand.

Targeting Options

EDM Display Banners can be targeted to individual email sends based on interest or geography. WE also have more specific titles such as BusinessDesk and Viva.

Buy Types

EDM Display Banners are typically sold on a CPM basis. There are opportunities for solus sends; please contact your NZME Account Manager to discuss.



Ad Specs

EDM banners do not currently support HTML5 creative.
3rd party impression and click tracking is limited. Please discuss with your NZME Digital Specialist for options.
Creative may be rejected if it’s considered offensive, misleading, overwhelming, or distracting.

Build Time

All creative must supplied at least 3 day prior to live date.