Voyager Media Awards NZME Finalists

Voyager Media Awards 2020 – NZME FINALISTS

Best Headline, Caption Or Hook, Including Social Media

Warwick Church

Best Artwork/Graphics (including interactive/motion graphic)

Richard Dale

Best Interview or Profile

Steve Braunias

Michelle Langstone

Cartoonist of the Year

Rod Emmerson,NZ Herald

Opinion Writer of the Year

Simon Wilson

Reviewer of the Year

Jesse Mulligan, Viva, NZ Herald

Travel Journalist of the Year

Greg Bruce, Canvas, NZ Herald

Kim Knight, Canvas, NZ Herald

Editorial Executive of the Year

Miriyana Alexander, NZ Herald

Scott Inglis, Bay of Plenty Times, Rotorua Daily Post

nib Health Journalism Scholorship - junior

Emma Russell,NZ Herald

nib Health Journalism Scholorship - senior

Natalie Akoorie, NZ Herald

Nicholas Jones, NZ Herald

Regional Journalism Scholarship

Natalie Akoorie,NZ Herald

Peter M Acland Fellowship

Emma Russell,NZ Herald/NZME

Feature Writing – crime and justice

Jared Savage,NZ Herald

Feature Writing – social issues, including health and education

David Fisher, NZ Herald

Nicholas Jones, NZ Herald

Feature Writing – general

Steve Braunias, NZ Herald

Kim Knight, Canvas, NZ Herald

Best First Person Essay or Feature

Steve Braunias, NZ Herald

Simon Wilson, NZ Herald

Feature Writer – junior

Michael Neilson, NZ Herald

Samantha Olley, Rotorua Daily Post and Bay of Plenty Times

Feature Writer of the Year - short form

Dylan Cleaver, NZ Herald

Nicholas Jones, NZ Herald

Michelle Langstone, NZ Herald

Phil Taylor, Weekend Herald and Herald on Sunday

Simon Wilson, NZ Herald

Best Magazine Cover

Viva Magazine, NZ Herald

Best Newspaper – inserted magazine

OneRoof Property Report

Travel, NZ Herald

Best Photo – story/essay

Tim Cuff, NZ Herald

Photographer of the Year

Alan Gibson, NZ Herald

Dean Purcell, NZ Herald

Best Feature or Current Affairs Video – single video journalist

Mike Scott,NZ Herald - Children of Meth

Best Video Journalist - junior

Nathan Morton,Local Focus

Video Journalist of the Year

Mike Scott, NZ Herald

Best TV/Video Documentary

Jessica’s Tree, Augusto and NZ Herald online

Best TV/Video News Item

Napier’s Pandora Pond,Patrick O’Sullivan, Local Focus, Very Nice Productions

Reporting – crime and justice

Kirsty Johnston, NZ Herald

Anna Leask, NZ Herald

Carolyne Meng-Yee, NZ Herald

Jared Savage, NZ Herald

Reporting – social issues, including health and education

Kirsty Johnston, NZ Herald

Emma Russell, NZ Herald

Reporting - general

Kurt Bayer, NZ Herald

Georgina Campbell, NZ Herald

Ben Leahy, NZ Herald

Science Journalism Award

Nicholas Jones, NZ Herald

Jamie Morton, NZ Herald

Best Individual Investigation

Melissa Nightingale, Jennifer Beard cold case murder, NZ Herald

Emma Russell, NZ’s cancer care injustices, NZ Herald

Best Team Investigation

Fighting the Demon: NZ’s meth crisis, NZ Herald

Best (single) News Story/Scoop

Anna Leask, NZ Herald 

Best Coverage of a Major News Event

Sky City Convention Centre Fire, NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB 

Best Editorial Campaign or Project

Build The Road, Horowhenua Chronicle

Fighting The Demon, NZ Herald

Fair care, NZ Herald 

Best Reporter - Junior

Emma Russell,NZ Herald

Student Journalist of the Year

Kim Moodie, NZ Herald 

Community Journalist of the Year

Sadie Beckman, Horowhenua Chronicle

Laurilee McMichael, Taupō & Tūrangi Weekender

Regional Journalist of the Year

Natalie Akoorie, NZ Herald

Sports Journalist of the Year

Michael Burgess, NZ Herald

Dylan Cleaver, NZ Herald

Business Journalist of the Year

Matt Nippert, NZ Herald

Political Journalist of the Year

David Fisher, NZ Herald

Hamish Rutherford, NZ Herald

Audrey Young, NZ Herald 

Best Newspaper Front Page

NZ Herald

Weekend Herald

Community Newspaper of the Year

Kāpiti News 

Newspaper of the Year (up to 30,000 circulation)

Hawke's Bay Today

Newspaper of the Year (more than 30,000 circulation)

NZ Herald 

Weekly Newspaper of the Year

Weekend Herald

Podcast – Best Narrative/Serial

Litany of Lies, NZ Herald

Podcast – Best Espisodic/Rucurrent

The Front Page, NZ Herald

Best Innovation in Digital Storytelling

Fighting the Demon, NZ Herald and Greenstone

Road crash data, Chris Knox, NZ Herald 

Best news website or app 

Website of the Year