Travel’s making great reading

In the latest Nielsen Readership survey New Zealand Herald’s two travel magazines have together cracked the 400,000 (412,000) reader mark. Tuesday Travel alone has grown its readership by 23% on last year and now boasts the largest readership of any newspaper magazine in NZ.

New Zealand Herald’s Travel Editor Winston Aldworth has been sharing his thoughts on Kiwis’ growing passion for travel and why travel stories make such great reading.

“New Zealanders are renowned travellers, many of us know that often the key to a great travel experience is to tap into those Kiwi travellers who’ve gone before us. Where to go, when to go, where to stay - how much to pay! We’ve all had those chats.

And that’s the approach we take to bringing the pages of Travel (NZ Herald - Tuesdays) and Sunday Travel (Herald on Sunday) to life.

We are a dedicated team of travel writers who love to be on the road - or in the air. We're all committed lifelong travellers with many miles behind us. If there’s one thing we love as much as travelling, it’s sharing the travel yarns we’ve acquired along the way.

From beachfront bures, to luxury cruise ships, and from roadside diners to airport queues.

We're always looking for new, exciting stories and fresh ways of telling those stories.

But it's really our community of readers that makes our Travel magazines great. We develop a rich connection with our readers because travel is about belonging to a community. We don’t just tell our stories, we give other travellers the opportunity to share their tales, their photos and their tips from around the world.

Often, we’ll take a reader’s experience and turn that into a story that’ll help inform and enrich another Kiwi’s travel plans.

And like NZ Herald’s other mags – Travel is more than magazines. With daily online content, social posts, our regular EDM and the fabulous 'Trip Notes' podcast series on iHeartRadio, our team has earned its multi-platform reputation as the authority on consumer travel issues.

Who doesn’t want to be a travel writer?”

Winston Aldworth, Travel Editor, NZ Herald

Source: Nielsen CMI Q3 18 to Q2 19. AP15+