Top Media Exec joins NZME

One of New Zealand’s most highly regarded media executives Andrew Szusterman is joining New Zealand Media and Entertainment as a consultant.

Until announcing his departure in July Szusterman had spent 17 years with MediaWorks, the last five years as the company’s chief content officer responsible for television. “I’m delighted that Andrew’s agreed to come on board and share some of his expertise with our teams over the next few months,” said NZME Chief Radio and Commercial Officer Wendy Palmer. “I’m proud of the hard work our talented teams put in as they strive to deliver great radio for their listeners right across our NZME networks. This opportunity to secure Andrew’s insights will continue to support the development of our radio strategies and growth of our audiences,” said Palmer. Szusterman will work with NZME from the 25th of November until February when he takes up his position as Managing Director of South Pacific Pictures.