'TikTok Trending' Launches on iHeartRadio NZ Featuring the Hottest TikTok Creators, Artisits and Trends

TikTok Trending on iHeartRadio is a brand-new digital radio station launched exclusively on New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s (NZME) iHeartRadio platform this month. TikTok Trending on iHeartRadio aims to be the go-to radio station for consumers, brands and industry players to get on top of the latest music tracks, artists and trends on TikTok right now – from new releases via international chart-toppers, through to revived classics from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and OMC.

Since launching in April 2021 in Australia, TikTok Trending on iHeartRadio has gone from strength to strength. And now, the partnership is expanding to include TikTok Trending hosts and guests interviewed by ZM’s night show host Cam Mansel here in Aotearoa.

“Following the huge success of TikTok Trending in Australia, it’s a brilliant opportunity to bring this format to New Zealand with iHeartRadio and ZM. This is just another great example of how digital is making Radio even better, opening us up to the possibility of new formats and partnerships. TikTok is a global phenomenon, we couldn’t be more excited to launch TikTok Trending on iHeartRadio for Kiwi listeners” said James Butcher, Head of Digital Audio and iHeartRadio NZ.

TikTok’s ANZ director of music, Ollie Wards said “TikTok is driving discovery of music, propelling new artists and classic tracks into charts around the world. TikTok Trending on iHeartRadio does what it says on the tin, playing the music that's trending on TikTok. So we're excited to bring another way to keep up and discover to Kiwi fans."

The station broadcasts 24/7 as part of a partnership between ARN's iHeartRadio Australia, NZME and TikTok.

Listeners can access the digital station via the free iHeartRadio app, desktop, mobile or tablet via iheart.co.nz or smart devices like Apple TV or smart speaker.

For further information please contact:
Cliff Joiner, GM Communications
New Zealand Media and Entertainment