Summer Media Habits Revealed

MEDIA RELEASE – 13 December 2019
Kiwis heading off but not switching off during the Great Summer Break

New research from New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) has revealed getting away from it all over the summer doesn’t mean switching off.

The survey asked Kiwis about their media usage during the summer break and has shown that while we may down tools, we’re not downing devices. 87% of the 1500 New Zealanders surveyed say they’ll be taking their smartphone with them when they take a break this summer.

“And it’s not just smartphones that people are taking with them. Tablets (41%) and laptops (41%) will also be thrown into bags and boots as Kiwis pack up for the big chill-out this summer and they’re staying tuned to the radio as well,” said Nicki Steers, NZME’s Head of Research and Insights.

NZME Managing Editor Shayne Currie said, “Many respondents described the summer break as being like one long, extended weekend where they get the chance to catch up on news and information that they’ve been wanting to learn more about. 87% of us spend the same or more time reading a newspaper and 91% spend the same or more time reading a magazine.”

The survey also revealed that while Kiwis break their routines over summer, it’s not at the expense of media consumption.
“Kiwis are still very much connected to the rest of the world while they are relaxing, which means they’re hungry for great content. We asked Kiwis what they’re interested in most during the summer and news dominates, with 85% of our respondents saying they are keen on national news and 78% staying across international news,” said Steers.

NZME’s news teams have developed an extensive plan of unique summer content across their digital, print and radio channels to keep Kiwis in the know.

“We know Kiwis are as keen for the most accurate, up to the moment breaking news, weather and traffic information during the holiday season as they are during the rest of the year. That’s why we keep our newsrooms geared up right through the summer break,” said Currie.

During the summer, Kiwis spend more time in cars, on traditional road trips or driving to and from the beach – making radio just as important over the summer as it is during the rest of the year.

“Over the summer break every day can seem like a Sunday – so naturally the radio tends to be switched on and left on. We’re listening right across the day. The research shows the vast majority of Kiwis (78%) listen to the same or more radio over the summer,” says NZME Radio Chief Content Officer Mike McClung.

“Radio’s perfect for staying across all the traffic and weather info you need; our playlists are tuned to make sure our listeners get the best of the stations that they love; and we have all the info they’ll need on all the big events, gigs and festivals that are happening over the summer.

This survey also shows just how we can keep our commercial partners engaged with New Zealanders – New Zealanders’ media habits change as they have more leisure time – but they’re just as hungry as ever to stay connected and entertained.”


Cliff Joiner, GM Communications, New Zealand Media and Entertainment.