Sharesies’ prized Shared Lunch podcast joins NZME’s diverse podcast network

Online investment platform Sharesies’ prized podcast, Shared Lunch, is now part of New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s leading podcast network through a bespoke content licensing agreement, helping to further grow its audience reach.

Co-hosted by BusinessDesk Investment Editor, Frances Cook, and other BusinessDesk journalists, each week Shared Lunch hosts a conversation that let’s retail investors hear from the leaders behind the companies they invest in, and from experts about what’s happening in markets and the economy.

The new agreement enables NZME advertising clients to align with the innovative, challenger brand that Sharesies is, connecting with a highly engaged audience of financially empowered Kiwis.

Frances Cook says: “It’s so important to help Kiwis simplify their finances and find their own version of financial freedom. The Shared Lunch podcast is one of the ways I do this, so it’s very exciting that Sharesies is extending their partnership with NZME to help even more Kiwis expand their knowledge and get ahead in life.”

The podcast will be housed under NZME’s BusinessDesk podcast network, which includes the award-winning Cooking the Books podcast also hosted by Frances Cook, and daily news roundup podcast, BusinessDesk Today.

Sharesies Co-founder and Co-CEO, Brooke Roberts, says Sharesies is stoked about the new agreement, which helps extend its podcast to more Kiwis looking for financial empowerment.

“We’re passionate about helping as many people as possible be informed and educated about investing and building wealth,” says Roberts.

NZME’s Head of Digital Audio, James Butcher, says as the largest podcast network in the country, NZME is committed to investing in the expansion of its network, ensuring it carries a diverse range of podcasts that appeal to a wide range of New Zealanders.

“We’re always looking for new and creative ways to collaborate with individuals and brands to produce great content, as well as finding unique opportunities for our advertisers to get in front of their desired audiences. This new agreement will create exciting opportunities for NZME clients to align with a cutting-edge Kiwi brand,” says Butcher.

New episodes of Shared Lunch are released weekly on iHeartRadio or whenever you listen to your favourite podcasts.