Samsung partners with NZME's KICK to support new Kiwi musicians

NEWS RELEASE – 5 May 2021

Samsung partners with KICK to support new Kiwi musicians

Samsung has teamed up with New Zealand’s newest digital audio brand KICK, to support new and emerging Kiwi musicians during New Zealand Music Month.

KICK was launched on iHeartRadio in April by seven New Zealand Broadcasting School graduates who are completing internships at New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME).

"We've built a killer alternative playlist with all the music young adults love but rarely hear on existing commercial stations- the streaming numbers and festival line ups say it all. Naturally, we decided early on to commit to championing Kiwi artists as a part of this, so to have Samsung keen to jump on board with their support is amazing," said KICK Content Director Meg Wyatt.

In partnership with Samsung, KICK is presenting a series of KICK Couch Concerts featuring new Kiwi acts during May’s NZ Music Month.

“In our humble opinion KICK is the new gateway for young Kiwis to connect with the brilliant new and emerging artists in Aotearoa. Our KICK Couch Concerts will feature amazing live video of the performances as well interviews with the artists,” said KICK Music Director Isaac Carter

The KICK Couch Concerts launch on Thursday (May 6th) with The Butlers, the indie, alternative 5-piece band from Christchurch.

“Samsung's excited to be working with KICK New Zealand’s newest online radio station, to help support Kiwi music and musos,” said Samsung Head of Corporate Marketing Simon Smith.

Since launching in April KICK has quickly grown its on-line only presence and audience via NZME’s iHeartRadio platform and by reaching new potential audiences via social media campaigns on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

“The audience we are targeting is on-line, on social and predominantly on their mobile. So, the partnership with Samsung is a great fit for us. You won’t hear traditional radio ads on KICK either and Samsung are on-board with that approach too”, said KICK Promotions Manager Matt Hutchins.

KICK Couch Concerts - exclusively on Instagram , Facebook and Youtube  each Thursday in May.


Content Director/On-Air: Meg Wyatt

Music Director/On-Air: Isaac Carter

Digital Director/Producer: Kate Davey

Promotions Manager/On-Air: Matt Hutchins

Promotions Manager/On-Air: Bishop Ryan

Imaging Producer/On-Air: Zoe Norton

On-Air: Ella Shepherd



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