OneRoof and new TV show connects buyers with dream homes


 New TV show connects Kiwi home buyers to their dream homes.

NZME’s one stop property site OneRoof has teamed up with leading auctioneer Shane Cortese, interior designer Hamish Dodd and licensed real estate agent Anita Dobson to help Kiwis find their “Dream Home”.

Dream Home Dilemmas, a new weekly TV show on Prime, aims to take the dilemma out of property hunting.

Each week, Shane, Hamish and Anita team up with different families to help them figure out just what their “dream home” might look like. Using OneRoof’s unique search tools they are able to find a selection of properties that might fit the bill for our Kiwi home buyers.

“Often the trickiest thing is getting our Kiwi families to really understand what their dream home is. So, a big part of our role is to get to know our families and know what makes them tick. What their dream home is at the beginning of the show and where we end up with them can be very surprising,” says Dream Home Dilemma co-host Shane Cortese.

Dream Home Dilemma is produced for Prime by Stripe Studios.  “Dream Home Dilemmas is as much about Kiwi culture and attitudes as it is about the New Zealand property market,” said Stripe Studio’s Managing Director Alex Breingan.

“Buying your dream home can be such an emotional roller coaster, especially when whole families are involved. We’ve been lucky in that so many Kiwi families have allowed us to come along on that fascinating and incredibly entertaining journey with them,” said Breingan.

As home buyers work through just what their dream home looks like, OneRoof provides thousands of listings, the latest property news, market insights, local schools, commute times, property values and mortgage calculators to help them on their journey. 

“OneRoof has the breadth of data and insights to help kiwis be property prepared and as New Zealand’s fastest growing online real estate listings platform, it is the perfect partner for Dream Home Dilemmas. OneRoof has everything to help home buyers choose a property that is right for them, all under one roof.” said NZME’s Chief Digital Officer Laura Maxwell.

Dream Home Dilemmas premieres on Prime on Saturday 6 June at 8pm.

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