NZME teams up with LiveRamp to provide advertisers with a better alternative to third-party cookies

NZME teams up with LiveRamp to provide advertisers with a better alternative to third-party cookies ahead of the pending phase out — a market-first for New Zealand

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) announced today it has partnered with LiveRamp, a leading data connectivity platform, to deliver advertisers a better alternative to third-party cookies — available for activation today.

Google recently announced it will phase out third-party cookies on Chrome in early 2023. The deprecation is part of its efforts to improve data protection and privacy for users and has led to debate across the advertising industry over potential impacts and solutions for advertisers.

Through NZME’s LiveRamp’s integration, advertisers and media agencies are now able to directly match their audience with NZME’s growing and engaged authenticated audience without the need for third-party cookies.

LiveRamp is a proven technology and in the US their clients have seen their ROAS (return on advertising spend) performing better compared to the same audience built on cookies.

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) answers the question that New Zealand marketers have been asking since Google’s original announcement was made: how will the industry effectively access digital audiences in a post third-party cookie world? ATS allows publishers to connect authenticated inventory directly with advertiser demand — all while respecting consumer privacy. The solution requires a transparent value exchange, where consumers receive better, more valuable content and experiences, in exchange for a first-party authentication.

NZME is the first New Zealand media company to implement ATS, which, in addition to continuing access to Chrome audiences, also enables marketers to reach premium, people-based audiences across already cookieless browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, today.

“ATS puts consumer transparency and control above all else. It champions the importance of a first-party data strategy, enabling a direct connection between a publisher’s authenticated first-party data and marketer demand. Further, an authenticated audience has the benefit of immediate yield improvement, allowing publishers to better compete with walled gardens,” said Louise Exton, Director, Addressability, ANZ at LiveRamp.

“ATS also brings control to the publishers – control over their own data and control over which ecosystem partners they want to work with. The move to authentication can transform a business amidst major industry shifts,” said Exton.

“The digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly complex and now more than ever, it’s vital that marketers utilise solutions for customers that have a focus on trust, consumer privacy and a mutual value exchange between individuals, advertisers and publishers,” said NZME Head of Digital Revenue, Charlotte Bell.

“At NZME our Ad Technology and Data Analytics teams develop data-led solutions in partnership with advertisers and agencies, to create personalised and effective campaigns. By leading the market with this LiveRamp integration, we can assure our customers that we have a sustainable solution for them to continue to segment and connect NZME’s valuable audiences in a safe, scalable and addressable way – without a reliance on third-party cookies or device identifiers.” said Bell.

“ATS provides an excellent alternative to cookies by identifying audiences and giving those audiences control over how their data is handled. ATS works with logged in, authenticated audiences, maximising addressability on the open web,” said NZME Head of Data and Analytics Andy Wylie.

“It’s a great addition to NZME’s tech stack and is one of a number of exciting developments planned for 2021 that will further enable NZME to help marketers outperform their competitors in a cookieless world," said Wylie.


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