NZME signs exclusive ad sales agreement with AdsWizz to sell inventory from the SiriusXM Podcast Network in New Zealand

Further growing opportunities for clients across digital audio, NZME Radio Limited (NZME) today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement to be AdsWizz’s exclusive third-party New Zealand sales representative for advertising on certain podcasts owned and operated by SiriusXM and Stitcher Media LLC. The agreement includes podcasts which SiriusXM and/or Stitcher have the right to manage and sell advertising.

Within its commercial offering, NZME will continue to leverage AdsWizz’s technology, incorporating the SiriusXM Podcast Network, which hosts top podcasts including Crime Junkie, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, Office Ladies and more.

The exclusive agreement between NZME and AdsWizz means that through NZME’s podcast network, advertisers will now have the ability to reach the 350,000 Kiwis that consume these podcasts.

James Butcher, NZME Head of Digital Audio, says podcasting is one of the fastest growing digital media platforms in the world and it’s a channel that NZME is committed to expanding and investing in.

“Recent research shows that 30 percent of Kiwis aged over 16 years old[1] listened to a podcast in the last week, which shows the true scale of this growing platform,” he says.

“NZME now represents the three biggest podcast networks in the country, providing unparalleled breadth of content and the largest, most diverse audience for advertisers to reach. Through NZME’s own digital audio platform and extensive, diverse podcast network, as well as through the SiriusXM Podcast Network right now we’d expect close to 6 million podcast downloads per month, and we expect that number to continue to grow,” he says.

Brieuc Verwilghen, VP, Head of Commercial Partnerships & Strategy, EMEA & APAC at AdsWizz says: “We’re thrilled to work with NZME to offer advertisers in New Zealand access to our premium podcast lineup.  Between the depth of content in the SiriusXM Podcast Network, AdsWizz’s innovative technology, and NZME’s unparalleled reach in the market, buyers can reach a highly engaged audience of podcast listeners in New Zealand,” he says.

In the latest New Zealand Podcast Ranker, the SiriusXM Podcast Network reached more than 350,000 Kiwis with more than 1.2 million podcast downloads in New Zealand.

“There is a huge opportunity for New Zealand businesses to jump on board now to invest in advertising across podcasting. Despite its phenomenal reach and growth globally, expansive range of content and diverse audience, podcasting is still deemed a relatively ‘unknown’ platform when it comes to advertising investment,” says Butcher.

“NZME’s own podcast network alone saw close to 55 million podcast downloads alone in 2022 and this will only grow in future. We’re already starting to see some smart advertisers make the most of this, and we’re focused on growing customer knowledge around the value of promoting their product or service to one of the fastest growing digital media platforms in the world, whilst also taking advantage of integrative opportunities across NZME’s vast media network of print, digital and radio platforms,” he says.


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