NZME letter to New Zealand

A letter to New Zealand – Keeping Kiwis in the know

Wednesday 18th March, 2020

During these unprecedented times, we at New Zealand Media and Entertainment have a critical role to play.

We reach well over a million New Zealanders each and every day. They read NZME’s daily newspapers, including the NZ Herald. They read our community papers and magazines. They access or one of our many other digital platforms. They tune into one of our radio stations, including NewstalkZB.

In troubled times, we are relied upon more than ever. It’s vital New Zealanders have access to information they can trust and have confidence in.

Our commitment to all New Zealanders is that we will maintain the highest journalistic standards as we stay focused on giving Kiwis the news and information they need, when they need it.

We are implementing initiatives aimed at keeping our own people safe. These same initiatives are designed to ensure we maintain our ability to deliver on our vital role of ‘Keeping Kiwis in the know’.

We also have a significant role supporting New Zealand businesses to stay connected with their customers.

Recognising that we are all in this together, we have started reaching out to New Zealand businesses offering our help beyond usual advertising and sponsorships. We’re open to ideas - we have radio networks, newspapers and websites that connect with New Zealanders every minute of every day.

As a business we are encouraging Kiwis to support local businesses. This week we launched our GoNZ! campaign. Through our many brands and platforms, NZME is committed to inspiring New Zealanders to support local businesses, local communities and each other during a time of great need. Starting with a focus on tourist operators, we’ll soon be expanding the initiative to all local businesses.

 As more employers encourage their teams to work from home and as more Kiwis stay at home and limit their face to face interactions, we have an even greater responsibility to keep New Zealanders connected.  On our platforms we share experiences, stories, advice and often provide reassuring companionship at times when Kiwis may be feeling isolated.

We take all of these roles and responsibilities incredibly seriously and are totally committed to keeping New Zealand informed and connected.

Michael Boggs,
CEO, New Zealand media and Entertainment.