NZME launches in-house programmatic sales team

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) is closer than ever to its customers with the launch of a full in-house programmatic sales team dedicated to its advertising agency partners.

“We know our audiences better than anyone else and now with direct interaction from our in-house programmatic sales teams, and their expertise, we can offer a complete end to end service that will empower agency buying teams to deliver the best possible results for their clients,” said NZME’s Chief Digital Officer Laura Maxwell.

“The best way to reach and activate audiences is through direct conversations. But the ability to then create and execute a successful campaign through efficient trading and delivery mechanisms has been the missing piece of the puzzle - until now,” said Maxwell.

NZME was the first major New Zealand publisher to deploy a Data Management Platform from its data lake, combining solid longitudinal data of audience behaviour and customer segments at scale.

The new NZME in-house programmatic sales team and trading desk will be operational from Tuesday 17th September and will be led by NZME Group Investment Director Andy Taylor.

“This brings a new level of value to audiences based on a range of actions across audio, text, video and e-commerce environments. Without doubt, this puts NZME in an enviable position with multiple channels to access audiences in local markets across radio, print, digital, events and digital audio via iHeart Radio. We have more layers of media channels in more markets than any other media company in New Zealand,” said Taylor.



For further information please contact:

Cliff Joiner,

GM Communications, New Zealand Media and Entertainment