NZME hosts full day creative workshop featuring renowned strategist Wade Kingsley

New Zealand Media and Entertainment was thrilled to host a full day creative workshop on Tuesday, hosted by experienced advertising and creative strategist Wade Kingsley, owner of The Creative Coach. The workshop was designed to invigorate the creative capabilities across NZME’s integration, content, marketing and creative teams.

Kingsley’s workshop was tailored from a variety of sessions covering all aspects of the creative process, from the brainstorm to the ideation process, through to the pitch.

Katie Mills, Chief Marketing Officer at NZME says the workshop was initiated to recognise the significance of creativity in a dynamic and ever-changing media landscape.

“We were pleased to have Wade with us, he’s a dynamic leader in his field, well known for his innovative thinking and energy. Wade came here to put some gas in the creative tanks of our talented teams and help them to drive outrageously positive outcomes for not only our brands, but our customers. As an ideas company, NZME values creativity right across our business. We see it as one of the most powerful differentiators we have at our disposal to win the attention of our publishing, radio and digital audiences.

“Tapping into Wade’s unique skillset felt like a natural fit for NZME. Sessions like these, drawing on global inspiration and expertise, help provide our team with additional insights and tools and ideas to ensure we are flexible and successful in a dynamic industry,” says Mills.

Alana O'Neill, NZME Head of Creative says: “Creativity is a competitive advantage for us, along with the breadth and depth of our brands, platforms and audience capabilities. We’re continuing to invest in our commercial teams to bring best in class solutions, ideas and creativity as we help clients navigate the local media landscape.”

Wade Kingsley says: "Partnering with NZME to enhance the creative potential of their team has been a rewarding experience. I hope that I was able to inspire NZME's talented individuals to explore innovative approaches and unlock new opportunities."