NZ Herald launches Chewing the Facts podcast - debunking myths around weight in New Zealand

A gritty new podcast that delves into the complexities and myths surrounding weight in Aotearoa New Zealand has been launched via NZ Herald and New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s (NZME’s) Podcast Network.

Hosted by NZ Herald columnist Sasha Borissenko, Chewing the Facts, explores how New Zealand has come to be the third-ranked country in the OECD for obesity, with one of the highest numbers of obese adults in the world.

The 10-part podcast series investigates the range of factors contributing to the rise in our population’s weight, such as increased access to cheap high-calorie foods, and changes in work and urban environments. The podcast also aims to address the discrimination faced by the fat community in healthcare, employment, social interactions, and economic spheres.

Borissenko has conducted more than 45 interviews across the series with representatives across government, the medical profession, food and beverage companies, global organisations and interested publics. She says the podcast aims to shed light on how Aotearoa has arrived at this point, offering insights into the current situation.

“Fatness is often portrayed in a binary manner, either framed positively through 'wellness’ or negatively through claims around health and financial ramifications. However, the subject is far more nuanced and merits a closer examination Chewing the Facts aims to dispel misconceptions surrounding fatness and elevate the voices and experiences of people bearing the brunt of fat stigma,” she says.

Murray Kirkness, NZME Chief Content Officer - Publishing, says the launch of another highly topical NZ Herald podcast demonstrates NZME’s dedication to keeping Kiwis in the know and providing audiences with a range of interesting, highly relevant digital audio content.

“NZ Herald is committed to delivering the highest quality content to our audiences. We are excited to be adding Chewing the Facts to our impressive line-up of successful podcasts. Sasha will take her listeners on a thought-provoking journey, combining expert interviews, narration, personal stories, and rigorous research presented against a backdrop of popular culture references and audio footage,” says Kirkness.

James Butcher, NZME Head of Digital Audio says NZME strives to offer a variety of podcasts that cater to the different tastes and interests of NZME’s audiences.

Chewing the Facts is a series that tackles head-on a topic that is a huge issue in New Zealand. We’re pleased to be providing a platform for these important conversations to be shared,” he says.

New episodes of Chewing the Facts will be released weekly on Sundays from 6 August on iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your podcasts.