NZ Herald celebrates 10 podcasts in the New Zealand top 100

As Kiwis increasingly explore new ways to engage with news content, NZ Herald is today celebrating huge audience growth across its podcast network with 10 of its podcasts placing in the top 100* for the first time in NZ Triton Podcast Ranker history.

NZ Herald’s podcast network boasts a vast range of news and entertainment podcasts including a marquee daily news podcast (The Front Page), a financial education alongside BusinessDesk (Cooking the Books) and a podcast debunking some of the costly wellbeing fads sold to women (The Little Things). Covering such an array of topics has enabled the podcast network to appeal to a wide audience, and the latest NZ Triton Podcast Ranker showcases its continual growth with six of the network’s podcasts all recording their greatest monthly downloads to date.

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) Acting Managing Editor Murray Kirkness says NZ Herald’s podcast network plays a vital role in keeping Kiwis up to date on topics impacting their lives.

“As one of New Zealand’s leading news platform, we’re committed to sharing the news worth knowing in a range of formats that appeal to our audiences. While the format of news is everchanging, what doesn’t change is the quality of our work. No matter if you’re going to for your regular news fix, reading the paper or listening to our daily marquee news podcast – the same level of high-quality, award-winning journalism is reflected, and today’s Podcast Ranker results further attest to this,” says Kirkness.

In the monthly NZ Triton Podcast Ranker, NZ Herald’s The Front Page retained their position as the fourth top podcast and reached their best audience yet with more than 155,000 downloads.

Damien Venuto, NZ Herald journalist and host of The Front Page says: “Over the past month, each week day we’ve dived into some of the biggest new headlines, like the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, the cost of living crisis and the protests when Posie Parker visited New Zealand. I’m always so pleased to see that each month, more and more listeners are joining me in uncovering the detailed background of these stories.”  

One Day You’ll Thank Me, NZ Herald’s podcast navigating parenting in modern-day Aotearoa, also celebrated a new record for largest monthly downloads and cracked a new record for its top episode as well.

Jennifer Mortimer, NZ Herald Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor and co-host of One Day You’ll Thank Me, says: “This season we’ve been really lucky to chat with so many incredible guests, such as Hayley Holt, Tom Sainsbury and Vaughan Smith. All our guests have been generously open in sharing their learnings, in the hope that they may be able to help other Kiwi parents out there with the tough but amazing job of parenting. I can’t wait to return for a fourth podcast season in June!”

NZME’s Head of Digital Audio James Butcher says the NZ Herald podcast network has done a phenomenal job of developing a diverse and expansive collection of content that appeals to Kiwis from all backgrounds and across a wide range of interests.

“NZ Herald’s podcast network really has something for every NZ Herald reader, and it provides a huge opportunity for advertisers to be selective and engage directly with their desired customers. NZ Herald is just one component of NZME’s expansive network, which includes more than 45 podcasts in the top 100. As shown by NZME and the NZ Herald’s strong result today, podcasting is continually growing and there’s an ability to reach a huge audience in this space.”

Today’s results follow a series of successes for the NZ Herald podcast network. Recently Across the Board won Silver for the Best Business category for the New York Radio Festival, Straight Up with Niva Retimanu and Beatrice Faumuina has been nominated for Best Original Podcast - Episodic/Ongoing at the 2023 Voyager Media Awards, and Cooking the Books became the first NZ Herald podcast to cross 2 million global downloads.

NZ Herald’s entire podcast network can be found on iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.


Source: NZ Triton Podcast Ranker March 2023