Much-loved Coast presenter Toni Street launches new wellness podcast

A new podcast that dives into the life experiences of inspiring Kiwis as they provide their own unique happiness and wellness advice kicks off tomorrow, hosted by much-loved Coast presenter and broadcaster Toni Street.

We Need to Talk is an extension of Toni Street’s current segment in Coast’s Feel Good Breakfast show that she co-hosts with Jason Reeves and Sam Wallace. Each podcast episode will feature an inspiring new guest, from entrepreneurs, to athletes, to well known broadcasters.

Street will open up the conversation to those who may have done things a little differently in their life to help match their wellness goals, with each episode summarising three key points that can help listeners with their own personal wellbeing.

"Now more than ever off the back of a rough couple of years, we all need a bit of inspiration to be firing at our healthy best. 'We Need to Talk' will focus on secrets from some of our most inspiring kiwis on what actually works for them - not just the theory, but the practical steps they take to lead a happy life. We delve into diet, exercise, stress management, balance, and heaps more,” she says.

The first block of inspiring Kiwis featured in We Need to Talk includes popular broadcaster Kerre Woodham, women’s clothing entrepreneur Kelly Coe, Wheel Blacks captain and Paralympian Cody Everson, and former Black Fern and sports broadcaster Melodie Robinson.

"As someone who has an auto-immune disease that I have to manage on a daily basis, I know from my own experience that sharing stories and advice can really help. The importance of health and wellbeing is something that all New Zealanders can relate to, so I’m really excited to have the opportunity to host a podcast that delves a little deeper into how we can achieve wellness,” says Street.

Listen on iHeartRadio, or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.


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