Herald joins with World Vision to support India in its fight against the COVID-19


The NZ Herald joins with World Vision to support India in its fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

The New Zealand Herald has joined forces with World Vision to support India in its fight against the Covid-19 outbreak.

Alongside a series of stories from the World Vision team working on the frontline of the battle against the pandemic in India, nzherald.co.nz will provide links so readers can click through to donate direct to World Vision and help provide desperately needed supplies of oxygen, beds, medical supplies and food.

“The stories that we are getting from our people out of India paint an incredibly vivid picture of the immense humanitarian crisis that has unfolded there. The devastating toll Covid-19 is taking on the people of India grows by the hour,” said World Vision New Zealand Director, Grant Bayldon.

The first story for the campaign published and posted today on nzherald.co.nz is a first-person account from World Vision communications associate Mridula Narayan, based in Delhi.

“I was at a hospital last week. It was a terrible scene. I saw a lady waiting outside in a rickshaw with her husband and she was trying to revive him even though he was already dead. There was another lady crying and rolling on the floor weeping. She had also lost her husband. He had been in an ambulance waiting outside the hospital for six hours, but they couldn't take him inside because there were no beds. And, so he died in the ambulance.”

See Mridula’s full story here NZ Herald

“This week we’ll hear from a number of World Vision people in India like Mridula, including doctors and other frontline workers. All have incredibly compelling and heart wrenching stories to share and all have been personally impacted. I’ve seen a quote from one World Vision worker who says they don't even get time to grieve one death, when they hear of another. She says grieving is a luxury,” said NZME Managing Editor Shayne Currie.

“The need for support is immense and immediate. With nzherald.co.nz’s monthly unique audience of nearly 2 million*, that’s a lot of Kiwis we can help World Vision reach,” said Currie.

* SOURCE: Nielsen Online Ratings Mar 2021


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