Dunedin’s The Hits Breakfast welcomes back Callum Procter

NEWS RELEASE – 11 May 2021

Dunedin’s The Hits Breakfast welcomes back Callum Procter

New Zealand Media and Entertainment has today announced long-serving Dunedin radio host Callum Procter will be returning to a new expanded The Hits Breakfast show.

A newly developed role inspired by current co-host Doug Kamo’s desire to get out and about and deliver live outside broadcasts around Dunedin, will see Procter back in The Hits George Street studio.

“Sometimes you don’t know just how much you’ll miss something until it’s not a part of your life anymore. That’s been my reality after leaving radio last year,” said returning radio host Callum Procter.

“I’m also incredibly fortunate that my old crew at The Hits in Dunedin, is not only keen to have me back, but that the timing’s perfect for me to be part of plans to expand the show,” said Procter.

 Procter had spent 32 years in radio, most of them on breakfast shows in Otago and Dunedin, before taking on a new business venture late in 2020.

Breakfast Co Host Patrina “P” Roche said she knew Callum would eventually come back to radio.

“After 30 years of doing what we do, it really becomes a big part of who we are. So, I’m not surprised, but I am delighted we’ve managed to get him back - especially for our listeners,” said Roche.

The new look show combines an award-winning formula with “The Hits Breakfast with Callum and P” the number one breakfast show with Dunedin listeners for 11 years, with Doug the “new voice” in Otago radio.

“I’ve known Callum for ten years and I’m so excited that he’s back. We’ve already been in planning sessions with P, and it’s all falling into place.  I’m really looking forward to launching “Doug across Dunedin” and making as much fun and mischief as I can with Callum and P on Breakfast and Tracy Chambers across the day,” Kamo said.

NZME GM South Island Regions Janine Tindall-Morice describes the expansion of The Hits hugely popular local show, as a big win for The Hits Otago listeners and commercial partners.

“Callum and P are back, energised and fired up. We have our new local break away strategy with Doug, who’ll be taking the breakfast show out and about across Dunedin, getting amongst our audience, entertaining, and having fun. I’ve already heard some of the exciting ideas the three have planned that we’ll be talking to our commercial partners about soon,” said Tindall-Morice.

The Hits Dunedin Breakfast with “Callum and P” each weekday across Otago from 6-9am, featuring the daily “Doug across Dunedin” on 89.4FM and on iHeartRadio. Starts 17 May 2021.


Cliff Joiner, GM Communications, New Zealand Media and Entertainment. +64212709995 cliff.joiner@nzme.co.nz