DRIVEN Car Guide Sustainability Special shows Kiwis’ positive shift towards eco-friendly vehicles

NZME’s automotive brand, DRIVEN Car Guide in partnership with Z Energy, has today rolled out its third consecutive sustainability special edition, revealing a positive shift in New Zealanders’ attitudes towards hybrid and electric vehicles.

DRIVEN Car Guide’s Sustainability Special in the NZ Herald publishes the results of a survey of 1,000 Kiwis on their attitudes towards sustainable vehicles. This year’s research reveals that more Kiwis than ever are considering the environment when purchasing cars, with 37% of those surveyed* opting to switch to vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.

The research also found that one out of every three Kiwis surveyed owns a hybrid or electric car*, further indicating the embrace of eco-friendly alternatives.

Dean Evans, Editor of DRIVEN Car Guide, says New Zealand is witnessing a notable transformation in our automotive landscape.

“The automotive world is always changing, but over recent years we've seen it accelerate towards greener, more ecologically friendly options. From alternative fuels to the use of organic materials, to the evolution of electric and hybrid engines, the motoring world is in a huge state of change. New Zealand plays a key role in that change, with initiatives and technologies that can be tested and effected here in our smaller market, before being expanded globally.

“DRIVEN Car Guide conducts its yearly Sustainability Survey to hear what Kiwis think about motoring and mobility, and what actions they take. The results of the survey are always fascinating, giving us an understanding of personal transport both currently, but also how it’s evolving. We really appreciate the responses we received from those surveyed, and a big thanks to all those who contributed to the DRIVEN Car Guide 2024 Sustainability Report,” says Evans.

The special issue also features in-depth analysis and information related to sustainability in motoring in New Zealand, including:

• A comprehensive guide to every battery electric vehicle (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) vehicle available on the New Zealand market, including cost, driving range capability, size, pros, and cons.
• Updating the fine print in the government's revised plug-in hybrid vehicle road user charges.
• The first New Zealand drive of the all-electric Abarth 500e.
• Exploring the final part of the long-term BYD Dolphin test.
• Advice on how to tell if an electric vehicle is right for you.
• A look inside the conversion of a 1960’s Volkswagen Kombi van into an electric vehicle.
• Going in depth on Meridian's electric ferry designed for Lake Manapouri.

The DRIVEN Car Guide Sustainability Special is available online at, and as a special edition pull-out included in the Weekend Herald on Saturday 30 March.