Custom Built iHeartRadio Channel Launched in new Retail Partnership with Chemist Warehouse

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME.) in partnership with Chemist Warehouse will launch a custom-built iHeartRadio retail radio and content service – ‘Chemist Warehouse Remix’ - from today, Wednesday 17 November.

Chemist Warehouse Remix will stream directly into 28 Chemist Warehouse sites across New Zealand, programmed by NZME’s iHeartRadio programming team with music, news, sport, and weather alongside client messaging from Chemist Warehouse and their suppliers.

James Butcher, NZME’s Head of Digital Audio said “This is a great demonstration of the power of iHeartRADIO and the expertise in our business to curate world class listening experiences – in this instance, for a retail environment. We’ve built first and foremost, a fantastic instore audio experience mixing music and content, but in addition, a powerful channel for Chemist Warehouse to further communicate with their customers, be it themselves, or their extensive supplier network. 

Katherine Allen, Senior Media Manager, Stratosphere said “The formulation of Chemist Warehouse Remix (CW Remix) is an important touchpoint for our staff, customers and suppliers. CW Remix is a great way to ensure our staff right across NZ have access to some of the freshest music while they are at work, our customers are hearing key retail messages that shape their instore experience and our trusted suppliers have a way to connect with consumers at the point of purchase.

We’re proud to be bringing CW Remix to the more than 166,000 Kiwis that visit a Chemist Warehouse on a weekly basis and we hope that staff and customers alike enjoy the new sound.”

Sam Collins, NZME’s Content Lead for iHeartRadio said “This is a fantastic coming together of Chemist Warehouse, iHeartRADIO and the power of curated listening to enhance the retail experience - every time a customer walks in the door they are guaranteed to hear the biggest hits and the latest offers just in time for the Christmas rush!”

Chemist Warehouse Remix will also be available for shoppers to take home with them on the free iHeartRadio app.

Justen Duggan – Group Business Director, Stratosphere
Katherine Allen – Media Manager, Stratosphere
Rutene Wharekawa, Head of Media, Chemist Warehouse
Matthew Childs, Campaign Manager, Chemist Warehouse

Angie Russell, GM Australia
Jessica Boell, Project Manager
Sam Collins, iHeartRadio Content Lead
Anthony Crawford, National Technology Manager