Coney and Waddle on the front foot

MEDIA RELEASE – 2 December 2020

Coney and Waddle on the front foot as the summer of cricket returns

Two of the most recognisable voices of cricket are set to return for another summer of cricket.

Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney are dusting off the cricket contact book, polishing up the collection of slip cordon sledges and preparing to come off the long run for a brand-new weekly podcast - “On the Front Foot”.

The “On the Front Foot” podcast, powered by Newstalk ZB and iHeartRadio will give all Kiwi cricket fans the chance to keep up with the leather on willow this summer.

Bryan Waddle is one of the most respected and iconic voices of cricket and has commentated over 250 tests and countless limited over matches.

Jeremy Coney is a former New Zealand captain who alongside Waddle has been the sound of New Zealand cricket for over 25 years.

The pair are promising to bring their unique insights and humour to their weekly podcast which will also feature interviews with cricket’s big names from the top players and coaches to the sports leading administrators and decision makers.

As well as the “On the Front Foot” podcast available on iHeartRadio, Waddle and Coney can also be heard across Newstalk ZB this summer with regular appearances on Martin Devlin’s DRS show on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from midday.

The first “On the Front Foot” podcast is now live ahead of the first test of the international summer of cricket and can be accessed on iHeartRadio here.


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