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The Marketing landscape is ever-changing thanks, in no small part, to the rise of digital technology.  This digital evolution has given consumers so much choice and, with greater choice, comes power.  But as advertisers, it’s important to remember that you have power too – the power of showing up and being present amongst this great mass of consumers. 

As Premier Google Partners, working as a Strategic Partner with Google AUNZ, we are your local experts; trained, skilled and able to deliver clearly established commercial objectives on any and every project. NZME Digital looks after it all, we focus on your campaigns, so you can focus your time on managing your business. We work with a wide range of New Zealand businesses - large and small, across various verticals. This helps us understand how consumers interact with digital and enables us to use these audience understandings to create high-performing campaigns. 

As part of the NZME network, we also make sure there are no gaps in your media strategy, closing the loop to ensure consumers can find you at all stages of the user journey. This is done by seamlessly tying everything into your digital activity and then back to your above-the-line communications. 

To find out more and to learn how NZME Digital Performance Marketing can drive your business forward, contact us today: 

Google Partner

Google Partner

NZME Digital Performance Marketing has achieved 2022 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners programme and is recognised as being in the top 3% of Partners in New Zealand. The Premier Partner tier is reserved for the top 3% of participating companies each calendar year – making it the most exclusive tier of the program.

Premier Partners must meet performance requirements as set by Google, including the implementation of current best practices to ensure clients are receiving the utmost quality of service and the optimal results for their spend. As a Premier Partner, NZME receives greater support and training from Google, as well as admission to early-access opportunities, allowing our clients to be at the forefront of digital innovation.  We develop integrated strategies across the Google network, to align with your above-the-line marketing, therefore ensuring that you are everywhere your audience is.  

From Google Search to Display and YouTube, through to Google Shopping, we look after the end-to-end campaigns, to help you focus on doing what you do best.  Everything we do is data-driven and oriented towards your goals. If you want website traffic, online sales or store visits, we will customise an approach to suit your business needs. 

Social Media

Social Media

With Kiwis spending increasing amounts of time online, social media is a vital part of the consumer journey. Organic reach is declining year-on-year so, by accurately targeting your content to your audience with media spend, you can put your brand in front of your key target audiences at all times.

That’s where NZME Digital Performance Marketing can help. We are proud to be partnering with Socialites to extend the breadth of products offered by NZME, providing a fully integrated, full-service digital solution – including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok – to Kiwi businesses.

Both Socialites & NZME are passionate about helping SME businesses, and through this partnership, we can continue to focus on providing high-performing campaigns that complement our NZME audience network ensuring our clients are where their customers are. It’s not as simple as putting up a post and crossing your fingers, but instead ensuring there is high relevancy. We can help create end-to-end campaigns that target both passive & active audiences that will assist to drive higher brand recall and point of purchase understanding and favourability.

Pure SEO

Pure SEO

If your business has the capacity to grow and you are ready for a proven digital marketing strategy that will help you achieve steady, long-term growth, then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is for you.  

SEO increases the quantity and quality of your website traffic, so you get more of the right visitors to your site.  When people are searching for your products and services, that's when you want to be found. A solid SEO strategy will help your website appear at the top of search results, and unlike paid advertising - you don't lose your position when you stop paying for ads. 

NZME Digital Performance Marketing has partnered with Pure SEO, to offer their leading SEO services to our clients. Get in touch with us today and our team will be happy to advise.