NZME survey reveals changes to how Kiwis feel, shop, work, travel and live for today and in the future.

NEWS RELEASE: 14 June 2021

NZME survey reveals changes to how Kiwis feel, shop, work, travel and live for today and in the future.

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) has released its 2021 Lifestyle Survey - How We’re Doing uncovering the changes to how Kiwis are thinking, feeling, and planning post the Covid-19 crisis and as New Zealand charts its pandemic recovery. This is the first of NZME’s TellME Research Series.

Overall Kiwis are feeling lucky and positive about the year ahead, saving more money, bulk buying groceries and consuming more digital media.

“So much has changed since March 2020 that both global and local consumer behaviour insights that predated the pandemic aren't necessarily relevant,” said NZME Head of Research and Insights – Business, Terri Patrickson.

“We talked to New Zealanders in February and March of this year about how we are getting on, and what we found is that whilst the pandemic changed us, it has also revealed a shell of resilience in Kiwis,” said Patrickson.

A snapshot of the new survey NZME revealed today includes: 

  • Nine out of ten New Zealanders are feeling lucky compared to others around the world
  •  41% of New Zealanders are working from home in some capacity during the week​
  •  49% of New Zealanders are not planning overseas travel in the next year​
  •  Over a third are exercising outdoors more than they were a year ago​
  •  Over a third of New Zealanders are saving more money than they used to

“We’ve all had a sense of how life has changed since the pandemic hit the globe at the beginning of last year. Our survey replaces anecdotes with hard data on just what’s going on in Kiwis’ lives, how we’re shopping, what we are buying, what we are doing with our downtime, how we’re working, keeping fit and our travel plans,” said NZME Chief Revenue Officer Paul Hancox.

Head of Research and Insights – Commercial, Judy Humphris said “The 2021 Lifestyle Survey - How We’re Doing is brilliant for NZME’s commercial partners with data focused deep dives into customer demographics and geographic break outs as well”.

“We’re looking forward to exploring the data with key commercial partners to assist them with navigating a post-Covid world,” said Humphris.

Managing Editor Shayne Currie said the survey is an excellent resource for news and content teams across NZME with survey insights adding credible context to changes in New Zealanders’ behaviour. 

“We’re continually examining the impacts that Covid-19 is having on New Zealanders and the Kiwi way of life. NZME’s 2021 Lifestyle Survey – How We’re Doing shines a light on how Kiwis are actually getting on and provides an additional springboard into a wide range of stories whether it’s about family finances, concerns about job security, spending habits or travel plans,” said Currie. 

Download the 2021 Lifestyle Survey snapshot here - How We're Doing 


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