New Editor for New Zealand’s Most Popular Travel Mags

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) has appointed self-proclaimed travel junkie Stephanie Holmes as its new Travel Editor.

Holmes will take over one of the most coveted editorial roles in New Zealand on Monday November 11 after more than three years as the multi-media company’s Deputy Travel Editor.

“When I started as Deputy Travel Editor, I honestly thought this is my dream job. Now it’s even better. New Zealand Herald’s two travel magazines (Travel NZ Herald on Tuesdays and Sunday Travel) are incredibly popular, with a combined readership of 412,000 and growing. Being asked to take them to the next level is a big responsibility but one I’m looking forward to.

"Travel at NZME is also much more than a couple of great publications. With daily online content, social posts, our regular email newsletter and the 'Trip Notes' podcast series, our team has earned its multi-platform reputation as the authority on all things travel,” said Holmes.

NZ Herald Premium Editor Miriyana Alexander said, “Stephanie is one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded travel journalists with more stamps in her passport than even widely travelled diplomats. She has combined her love of travel with wonderful story telling and has a great understanding of the sorts of stories travel readers love.

“Having worked as deputy editor on lifestyle and travel publications for many years, Stephanie has a great relationship with the many commercial partners we help to connect with the New Zealanders who already have their bags packed or are planning their next adventure,” said Alexander.

Stephanie takes over as NZME Travel Editor from Winston Aldworth on November 11.


For further information please contact:
Cliff Joiner
GM Communications
New Zealand Media and Entertainment