Move it or Lose it – Top Tech Futurist Warns NZ Businesses

MEDIA RELEASE – 11 November 2019

 Move it or Lose it – Top Tech Futurist Warns NZ Businesses

PwC Herald Talks Presents: “The Tech Revolution”

15 November 2019, Victory Convention Centre, Auckland

 Tech Futurist Paul Spain warns New Zealand businesses that tech is moving so swiftly, firms risk being wiped out if they spend too much time observing new tech developments instead of taking action.

“There’s a tendency for many to sit and talk about the apparently small innovations that they’ve seen.  But realistically, tech can move so fast that before you know it, that small thing has become the next big thing and competitors are swiftly relegated to the scrap heap,” said Spain.

“Just look at Netflix. Sure, it was a bit niche at first and we all looked on with interest as its platform developed. And then boom, video shops were dropping like flies. Once they were in every neighbourhood, now your friendly local video store is just about extinct.

My point is, if a business owner notices a tech or digital innovation relevant to their enterprise, sector or industry - be bold and move fast to respond,” said Spain.

Spain, a tech futurist andcommentator, founded IT services and management company Gorilla Technology and stays at the tech forefront through weekly discussions with technologists and industry experts on the NZ Tech Podcast. He’ll share his insights into how businesses can best position themselves to thrive in a “tech revolution” at the final PwC Herald Talks event for 2019.

With the imminent launch of 5G in New Zealand and recent advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Paul Spain as well as a panel of experts, Vodafone’s Lindsay Zwart, Dexibit’s Angie Judge, KotahiNet’s Vikram Kumar and Callaghan Innovation’s Jonathan Miller will discuss how these developments are impacting businesses. They’ll also share how entrepreneurs can best use these tech innovations to their advantage.

Newstalk ZB’s Drive Host Heather du Plessis-Allan will facilitate what promises to be a lively discussion with TVNZ’s Simon Dallow as the event MC.

Hear Paul Spain sharing more with Heather on her Newstalk ZB show here and Paul’s views on 5G in the New Zealand Herald here.


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