Megan Papas to join Jono & Ben on The Hits Breakfast in 2024

Popular, award-winning radio presenter, Megan Papas, will soon be setting her early morning alarm as she joins Jono & Ben on The Hits Breakfast show in 2024, New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) announced today.

Mike McClung, NZME Chief Content Officer - Music Brands, says Papas has been a valuable member of The Hits as daytime host for close to two years, and her skills and natural talent will be a great asset to Jono & Ben’s show.

“Megan is a class act and she’s a great fit with Jono & Ben. This year The Hits has had its highest cumulative audience since the station launched in 2014, and its breakfast audience has steadily grown over the past year*.  We’re focused on accelerating that growth in 2024, and we know our listeners will love tuning in to hear the trio each weekday,” says McClung.

Jono says: “We’re so stoked the talented Megan Papas said yes to working with us because it would have been incredibly awkward if she said no.”

Ben says: “The only way we can get talented people like Megan to hang out with us is by paying them, and it worked a treat again.”

Megan says: “I can’t wait to get in the studio with Jono & Ben, they’re two of the nicest guys in the business, and how many people get to go to work every day with their friends? I’m so excited to be back doing breakfast, and now my son will be able to hear Mum on the radio!”

Michael Boggs, CEO at NZME, says one of NZME’s key focuses for its audio business is creating the most listened to and loved content.

“I am really pleased for Megan in her new role – she is a talented broadcaster who has contributed to growing The Hits’ audience. A big part of us delivering on our commitment to have the most loved and listened to content is having hard working, talented, fantastic on-air hosts who positively engage with listeners. The Hits brand is a real growth opportunity for NZME and I’m looking forward to seeing further growth of the station’s audience in 2024 and beyond,” says Boggs.

The Hits Breakfast with Jono & Ben will return with Megan on 22 January 2024.

Details on plans for The Hits Drive show for 2024 will be announced in the coming week.


Source: *GfK, RAM, Commercial Radio, S1 2023, Total NZ, M-S 12mn-12mn, Cumulative Audience (000s), AP10+