Introducing DRIVEN Car Guide – all you need to know to buy your next car

To meet the changing needs of Kiwi car buyers, NZME’s automotive brand DRIVEN has relaunched as DRIVEN Car Guide - an entirely redesigned platform to help Kiwis find the car that’s right for them.

Providing an extensive library of reviews, advice and expert insights, DRIVEN Car Guide is tailored to car buyers who are increasingly researching and making decisions online before visiting car dealerships.

Dean Evans, Editor of DRIVEN, says the new site provides readers with everything they need to know before making their next car purchase.

“Kiwis who are looking to buy a vehicle are undertaking thorough online research before stepping foot into a car yard, yet there was a gap in the market for one source of unbiased, quality car information. That’s where DRIVEN Car Guide comes in, offering trusted independent car buying advice to help Kiwis make informed purchases.

“DRIVEN Car Guide already has more car reviews than any other site in New Zealand and a bunch of new tools to ease the car buying journey. This includes our comprehensive search tool which enables buyers to discover a range of vehicles that suit their preferences, and our innovative ask-an-expert tool which provides personal advice on specific car buying questions,” says Evans.

Carolyn Luey, NZME Chief Digital & Publishing Officer, says DRIVEN Car Guide will appeal to a broader audience of New Zealand car drivers and buyers, in turn providing greater opportunities for advertisers.  

“The start and mid-funnel parts of the car buyer journey are the prime moments to capture, engage and influence consumers to find the make or model that is right for them. DRIVEN Car Guide will reach buyers when they’re in the consideration phase and provide advertisers with the opportunity to connect with their customers and showcase their offering.”

“The creation of DRIVEN Car Guide reinforces our commitment to meet the changing needs of our audiences and support the evolving automotive industry business model. Through DRIVEN Car Guide, we’ll build on the success of the DRIVEN brand and be more relevant and useful for Kiwi car buyers than ever before,” says Luey.

DRIVEN Car Guide is now live at and included as magazine style in the Weekend Herald.