Anika Moa lands her first “proper job” joining Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru on The Hits Drive


Performer Anika Moa admits to only some minor trepidation at starting what will be her first-ever regular, 5 days a week job when the musician and TV entertainer steps into co-host The Hits Drive show full-time.

Anika says, “I’m looking forward to finally making a decent regular living instead of just being a bum musician, bum TV entertainer, model and all those other things I do in my spare time.”

Announcing her move live on The Hits this afternoon Anika admitted it’ll be the hardest she’s worked in her life “ever”. She received some reassuring words from new co-host Stacey Morrison “this is a jandal you can handle, so now we get to play full-time.”

At 39, Anika made the call to take on a full-time radio role after several weeks of joining Stacey and Mike Puru as a studio guest twice a week. “Mike and Stacey are amazing and have taught me a lot. I am so excited to be joining the team,” says Anika.

Mike says, “Anika brings a bit of an edge, a lot of unpredictability and a ton of fun. She always says what she thinks, which is one of the reasons why Kiwis love her. Stace and I never really know what’s happening when Anika is on, so hold on for the ride I say!”

Stacey agrees, “You can be sure Anika will always be unleashed. Mike has the job of trying to keep Anika and myself in-line and doing all those radio things that hosts are supposed to do. But we’re just going to have a party every afternoon.”

The Hits Content Director Todd Campbell says, “What we have brought together here is three incredibly talented people prepared to share their lives, have a laugh at themselves with their audiences and have a blast.”

Mike and Stacey say they can’t wait for Anika to join them full-time from September 30.

Stacey: “We’ve all had really different experiences growing up in New Zealand, so we all have very different perspectives and personalities. We’re going to bring a whole lot of sass and a whole lot of goodness. Watch out world!”

The Hits Drive Show is on-air weekdays from 3-7pm on 89.1 FM – 106.1 FM.



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