Video Vista

Product Summary

Transform your online video into an attention-grabbing display banner, which users can click on and engage with.

Targeting Options

You can utilise NZME's audience, contextual or geographical targeting capabilities to further tailor where and who your message is delivered to.

Buy Types

Video Vista can be bought on a CPM basis on a direct buy or PG buy only.

Creative Example

Ad Specs

Video Vista is built in Bonzai, assets must be supplied to NZME.

  • 15 seconds is recommended. Maximum duration is 30 seconds.
  • Creative must be publisher hosted.
  • 3rd Party impression, click, start and quartile tracking is also supported

Build Time

We require a MINIMUM of 3 working days prior to go live for creative supply.

Best Practices/Notes:

In some case we are able to repurpose a standard 9:16 video, but it is dependent on how the video has been made. If the logo and text close to the edges then we will be unable to use the video assets.