NZ Herald Native Ad Carousel

  • Platforms: Desktop, mobile site and app

  • Available on: NZ Herald


  • Slides: min 3 and max 12
  • Labels: applies to all slides, options - Deal, Offer, Promotion, Sale - please specify one
  • Title for each slide: max 30 characters
  • Description for each slide: max 75 characters
  • Images: 300x157 pixels, 1:91 ratio. JPG format. 80kb max. No transparent backgrounds
  • CTA: present at the bottom right of the unit followed by a logo (image) or website domain (text). Options - View more at, Shop now at, Find out more at.  - please specify one
  • Logo Image: Max width 150px. Max height 30px.
  • Notes: each slide should have a separate URL. Third party click tracking is supported for each slide. Third party impression tracking is supported at the unit level as a whole.

Please check notes and best practices

Please refer to the NZME advertising terms & conditions