NZME is committed to delivering the best-in-market advertising solutions and results for our clients. Our brands and advertising products are geared to maximise viewability – from standard ad positions on-page to innovative formats such as ViewRoll Video (CPV), Mobile Showcase and Sticky Ads. We are investing in solutions that provide clients with surety that their Digital media is delivering market-leading levels of viewability.

Certified Media Valuation Vendors

  • IAS (Integral Ad Science) - Preferred vendor
  • Moat
  • DV (Double Verify)
  • Google Active View

If your preferred vendor is not listed above, please let us know at least 5 working days before your campaign goes live as we will need confirm if this is a vendor we can support.

Inventory certified for Viewability

We measure viewability across all NZME digital products, excluding pre-roll videos and programmatic guaranteed deals.

Advertisers are welcome to track these stats from their end as well. Depending on the creative format, the tags must be supplied/loaded differently:

  • Image - Tags should be supplied separately from the creative
  • Video - Tags should be supplied separately from the creative (Tags/pixels for video inventory needs to be considered on a case by case basis)
  • Third Party Tags - Must be loaded within their own third party platform (E.g. DCM). "Wrapped" tags are not recommended and we cannot guarantee the creative will run smoothly if it is wrapped.


We can measure Brand Safety, Fraud (limited), and Viewability (Binary In or Out of view) across MRAID compliant Display inventory only.

If you have any questions, please email