Mobile Skins (Web)

  • Platforms: NZH Mobile Web

  • Lead time: 5 working days

  • 3rd Party Tracking: Available

This format allows you the opportunity to skin the page with your creative, creating an all-encompassing ad experience. 

The format wraps around the web page and enables you to design the header, the sides of publisher content, and the floating footer to carry the brand message. Initially, when the page loads, the site's content includes the header, the side skin, and the publisher content. On page scroll, the publisher content flows on top of the header and to continue the brand story, the footer appears.

The top placement 300x250 is included.

Sold on a CPM or Daily Buy option.


  • Header - 375(w) x 110(h) pixels.
  • Footer - 355(w) x 100(h) pixels.

Assets to be supplied in image formats only (jpg, png) with a combined max file size of 100kb.