iHeart Showcase


Available on: iHeart

Description: full page Welcome Interstitial Ad that greets a user at the start of their app experience

Formats: gif(static), jpeg, png, Celtra (approved 3rd-party)

Lead time: 5 working days

3rd Party Tracking Compatible: Limited - one tracking pixel only. SSL Compliant Only.

Image dimensions (all are required): 320x480 & 480x320
Max file size - Initial load: 150kb
Image format: .gif(static), jpeg, png, Celtra (approved 3rd-party)
Additional info:
There will be a close "x" button on the creative for user to exit (added automatically)
Auto closes after 10 seconds if user does not "x" out

Please check notes and best practices

Please refer to the NZME advertising terms & conditions