NZH Desktop Skins

  • Platforms: NZH Desktop

  • Available on: NZ Herald

  • Lead time: 5 working days

Yes they are back, but with more capabilities!

This format allows you the opportunity to skin the page with your creative, creating an all-encompassing ad experience. 

Sold on a CPM or Daily Buy option.

Please note: the sides of the skin are not viewable on browsers less than 1440px wide whilst the side navigation is open.

Important to point out that the side skins are not device responsive, therefore we suggest all messaging falls within 130 pixels.  

Creative build:

All skins are served via Bonzai and can be built externally if you have this platform. We require tags 5 days prior to live date for testing. 

Alternatively, the skin needs to be built in-house. Design options can be discussed with the digital designer with at least 5 days lead time. Skins can be fully static or include video or animation; they can also be interactive, so please let us know if you require further info.

Creative components

  • Background image 2360w x 1080h pixels jpg file
  • Header messaging/logo/CTA/video to fit in the space of 1440w x 250h pixels supplied as a transparent png file.
  • Left and right panels have a space of 460w x 1080h, but all important messaging/logo/CTA needs to be within 170pixels of the content space to ensure it does not get cropped on smaller screens. Supply as a transparent png file.


  • Formats accepted: jpg, png, gif (static)
  • Total file size of all image assets combined must be under 500KB

Video - optional

  • Duration: 6 to 30 seconds.
  • Aspect ratio: Either 4:3 or 16:9.
  • Encoded: H.264 codec.
  • Format: MP4.
  • File Size: Maximum 2 megabytes (MB)

Please see link to PSD template to help with the asset design process: