Expanding Rectangle 300x250 to 620x250


Platforms: Desktop

Available on: All NZME properties

Description: 300x250 rectangle that can expand to 620x250

Formats: third-party tags

Lead time: 5 working days

3rd Party Tracking Compatible: Yes

Implementation options:
1. Click to expand - If the banner uses click to expand, the ad should also be click to close.
2. Hover to expand -  Hover to expand ads must have a one second delay before the ad expands. This delay is to help prevent any accidental ad activations.
3. Auto expand - Auto expand ads are limited to 8 seconds of the expanded state before automatically closing. They are frequency capped and will only serve 1 impression per day to a Unique Browser, with a maximum of 3 impressions per Unique Browser, per week.

All expanding ads require a close button to be clearly displayed on the top right portion of the ad. The close button must consist of an “X” close symbol and the word “Close” on a solid background colour. The minimum size for a close button is 70×25.

Please check notes and best practices

Please refer to the NZME advertising terms & conditions