Big Banner 728x90


  • Platforms: Desktop
  • Available on: All NZME Properties
  • Description: Standard IAB sized banner
  • Formats: image (gif, jpg, png), HTML5, third-party tags
  • Max File Size: 80 KB
  • Dimensions (W x H): 728x90 pixels
  • 3rd Party Tracking Compatible: Yes
  • Lead time: 3 working days
  • Looping: ads can not continuously loop, max 30 seconds run time

HTML Creative:

**Google Ad Manager is our primary ad server, please ensure all HTML builds are built to their specifications**

Please supply HTML creative in a .zip file to our specifications

Third-party tags:

Accepted: Doubleclick*, Sizmek
Polite Load Max File Size: 80 KB Initial Load, 2 MB Max Polite Load
Expanding: No
Video Creative

  • Supported third party tags only
  • Max length 30 seconds
  • Desktop: Autoplay allowed
  • Mobile: Click to play
  • No auto sound
  • No looping
  • Ad must contain visible buttons: pause, play, replay, sound on/off

Please send creative files to

Notes & Best Practices

•    Creative may be rejected if it’s considered offensive, misleading, overwhelming, or distracting.
•    Advertising content must have clearly defined borders and must not be easily confused for normal webpage content.

*Note on Doubleclick Creative:

Currently, our NZ Herald Android App has limited support for creatives trafficked via DCM.

For best results, we recommend supplying HTML5 creative for Android App instead of DCM.