Pre-roll 620x350 (16:9) 15" or 30" seconds

Preroll 620x350

Pre-Roll video's appear prior to video content and are similar to traditional television commercials.

  • Platforms: Desktop, Mobile Site and Mobile Apps

  • Available on: NZ Herald, Radio Sites

  • Description: runs before video content, skip button is enabled at 15s mark

  • Formats: .mp4 video or 3rd party VAST tags

  • Max File Size: 500MB

  • Dimensions (W x H):620x350 pixels (16:9 aspect-ratio)

  • 3rd Party Tracking Compatible: Yes impressions or click trackers; or 3rd party VAST tags compatible however important to note that we don't track clicks within our ad server

  • Lead time: 5 working days

  • Video duration: 30s max. Skip button is enabled at 15's mark. If supplying a 3rd party VAST tag then please make sure you set the 15 second skippability at your end.

Please check notes and best practices

Please refer to the NZME advertising terms & conditions