We live and breathe our values to: Be Connected, Be Curious and Be Confident…and to us this means staying ahead of the game, asking the hard questions, challenging the status quo and backing ourselves 100%. We’re a culture aiming to be the home of the best talent in NZ with genuine career growth & development opportunities, where reward & recognition is second nature and we encourage flexibility & diversity – we want you to bring your whole self to work.

Measuring success

We all want to be phenomenal at what we do. Success doesn’t just happen, it’s about delivering our best work in the best way to the right audience. We won’t just be checking in on you a couple of times a year, we’ll be with you all the way, every day, helping you reach your goals and fulfill your potential. And it’s not a one-way street either; we want to know how you rate your own efforts so we can help you become the best you can be.

Getting noticed

At NZME, we’ve got the best talent in the business. We search high and low for the top people and we will recognise and reward you for your outstanding efforts and contribution. There’s heaps of things we do to say thank to you for being in tune with our audiences and customers, pushing hard and delivering, and doing a bloody good job day in, day out.

Moving up

You’re keen to do new things, be challenged and excel. NZME is changing and evolving every day and we’re taking you along with us. We keep you interested and smart by matching you with others at NZME who lead, mentor and collaborate, and together you’ll develop professionally. You won’t necessarily get a certificate for it, but you’ll learn some cool new stuff and share it with your teams. To find out what opportunities there are for learning new skills and reaching new heights, speak to your team leader or manager.

Employee benefits

At NZME it's all about you. Staff benefits are just some of the ways we acknowledge your contribution, and the value you add to NZME. Our offers are open to NZME employees and sometimes family as well! We also regularly get short term offers such as concert tickets, competitions and discounted sports event entry.

Get social

In Auckland and the Bay of Plenty we have very active social clubs that have been around for many years. Past events have been anything (and everything!) from boat cruises to movie nights, bowling and lunch delivered to work. We’ve even got company houses available for holiday rentals at crazy prices. As well as social clubs there are all manner of groups for you to get involved with from sports teams to data analytics and kappa haka groups – we have it all! Get involved, meet new people, have some fun!