Our Values make us who we are and we express them at every turn. They are the stuff of our DNA: the things that make us unique and different from everyone else in news, sports and entertainment media.  Our values and behaviours determine what we do and how we do it and keep us at the top.


We understand people. It means we:

- Engage the right people
- Share ideas
- Listen to our audiences and customers


We ask questions, dig deeper and find gold. It means we:

- Challenge the status quo
- Dare to try
- See bridges not barriers
- Dig deeper to discover
- Make it fun


We step up, speak out and give things a crack. It means we:

- Get to the point
- Tell it like it is
- Do what we say
- Solve it at the source
- Keep it simple

We live and breathe what we do at NZME. We’re innovative and we share our bright ideas and vision. And because we’re out in front, we wow our customers, delivering content, products and solutions they hadn’t thought of. We’re working hard, but we love what we do and we have fun doing it.